WCEA Educational Portal

In April 2018, The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals reached an agreement with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) in collaboration with the International Council of Nurses, whereby MUMN will be able to access a platform with online healthcare courses. Through this platform, you will be able to enhance your knowledge on your profession and will have access to over 3000 free accredited courses that are reading available online.  Once you finish your online course you will be able to download a printable certificate. This initiative is only available for MUMN members.



This platform offers top quality learning courses available for FREE 

Engaging courses to boost your knowledge

Online training from the comfort of your home

Education Tracker that automatically records your learning Progress.




Click on the link below 

Set Up an account

Receive an email verification

Access your online portal

Registering fee is that of 10 euros annually. This will be deducted through the SEPA Direct Debit System. This amount can be claimed through the CPD. A receipt of payment will be sent to you once your payment is done.

WCEA Education Portal Link