MUMN Council 2019 - 2024

Paul Pace - MUMN President

My involvement in MUMN executive council started way back in 1999 as a member taking care the Education committee which was just set up for the first time within MUMN structures. My second term in the council was Ass. Gen. Sec. and remained heavily involved in the Educational committee were the conversation course from EN to SN was initiated. My next two terms in MUMN council were then as President were several aspects such as the Practice nurse were officially introduced. Then had a break from MUMN and in 2019 decided to join the ranks of MUMN and currently I am the President of MUMN for the third term.


Colin Galea - General Secretary

After I supported the pressure group Lehen l-Infermiera, I was part of the ad hoc MUMN Council in 19 September 1996 until I was elected as the first General Secretary in March 1997. The reason for setting up MUMN was primarily that some nurses were members of a general union while the vast majority were non-union members. The success was felt immediately as in 3rd October 1997 MUMN was awarded the sole recognition for the Nurses employed within the public service. The sole recognition of the Midwives was already in place from the MUM. Today MUMN also enjoys the sole recognition of the Social Workers, ECG Technicians and Physiotherapists. Next year MUMN celebrates its 25th Anniversary.


Alexander Manche - Vice President

I initially joined the MUMN team 1997 as a chairperson of the St. Luke’s Hospital subcommittee where I remained as Chairperson until elected in the council on 2011 and served as the chairperson of the industrial relations committee and vice general secretary. I was re-elected in council as chairperson of same committee in 2015. In 2019 I was elected to Vice President of the union and Chairperson of the Industrial Relations Committee. My aim is to voice the concerns and act upon the injustices encountered by staff while defending patients’ rights.


George Saliba - Financial Secretary

 I started my activity within the MUMN as Secretary of the FNBF in 2004. After the resignation of the chairperson  was nominated as Chairperson of the FNBF where stayed till 2007 when I was elected as a member of the General Council. I was given the post of Financial Secretary and formed part of the Administration of the union. To date I have been elected in 4 consecutive council elections and held the position of Financial Secretary through-out this time. I have also been elected as The European Region Board member of the Commonwealth Nurses & Midwives Federation for the past 4 years.


Claire Zerafa - Council Member

Since 1995 I have been a member of the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses.  In 2013 I became an active member in the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund occupying the post of treasurer.  In 2019 I  was elected as a council member to represent midwives within the same organisation (Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses). I presently work as a Practice Midwife in the field of Perinatal Mental Health.


William Grech - Council Member

I have been involved since 2016 within the MUMN subcommittee. Following, in 2019 I was elected for the first time within the MUMN council committee where I presently hold the position of vice chairman of the industrial committee. I have also been involved, through MUMN, in promoting the nursing profession amongst students in various career conventions in Malta. Moreover, from 2019 I occupy a post within the council for nursing and midwifery (CNM), where I am also involved in different sub committees.


Alexander Lautier - Council Member

Since 1996 I have been an active member in MUMN. I acted as n activist to encourage members to join this new union. On my suggestion during a general meeting, the FNBF was founded . As a union activist, I served on the social and cultural committee organizing events. In 2015 I was elected as a member of the MUMN Council, forming part still of the social and cultural executive committee. I was re elected in 2019 holding the same duties and in addition to being nominated as the assistant Financial secretary.


Geoffrey Axiak - Council Member

I started my union venture in 1999 where I was part of the Group Committee of Mater Dei Hospital. I was then first elected in the Union Council in 2007. I have kept my position in the council since then. I decided to be part of the MUMN Council as I will be help my colleague nurses and healthcare professionals better by offering my knowledge and experience to keep nursing and nurse education in the forefront and up to date. I am currently the chairperson of the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals within MUMN.


Simon Vella - Council Member

I have always been interested in being part of  MUMN because I personally like to fight for our colleagues’ interest on the place of work. I was involved as chairperson for events. During 2017 and 2018 was Secretary in the MUMN MDH subcommittee. Today I form part of MUMN and I am vice chairman of events. Being there when your colleagues need you is of great satisfaction.