The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals

MUMN has always emphasized and worked towards the importance of Continuous Professional Development for all healthcare professionals. Healthcare Professionals being on the forefront of care, need to continuously be offered the opportunity to learn about the latest evidence-based knowledge and practice that is available locally and internationally. As part of the Executive Committees, MUMN always held an Educational committee, which has been made up of members working together and organizing educational events for our members. In 2017, MUMN branched out and gave the educational part within the union a much bigger role. The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals was launched. The Learning Institute organizes monthly seminars for members. These seminars are organized at our MUMN Premises. Topics vary from the latest studies related to healthcare but also focus on topics related on the importance of caring for our Mental Wellbeing delving into topics such as Burn out and how to handle the stresses that are encountered within the profession. The Institute organizes annual conferences for members as well as has recently joined forces with the University of Malta where accredited in-house courses are being offered and are part of the Centre of Liberal Studies curriculum with the University of Malta.

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