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MUMN’s vision is to primarily safeguard the healthcare professionals at their workplace. Our vision is to always be loyal to our members and towards the professions. MUMN offers excellent service to its members and is effective in improving working conditions. We ensure that members will always be represented with integrity and the respect they deserve. MUMN operates in an open, democratic and respectful manner. We will always stand for the members' rights, well being and interests of workers in the workplace. MUMN promsies to continuously work to enhance the quality of working conditions. We will strive to work towards sustaining and promoting healthcare professionals' continuous professional development.


Court blocks union action at Gozo hospital - MUMN says Gozitan nurses still being discriminated

A judge has blocked planned industrial action at the Gozo General Hospital over the employment of foreign nurses instead of transferring Gozitan ones working in Malta.

In a decree handed down on Monday, Mr Justice Toni Abela upheld a warrant of prohibitory injunction requested by Steward Health Care Malta against the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses which had given notice of industrial action over the employment of foreign nurses. 


MUMN - Gozitan nurses protest foreign recruitment in Gozo hospital

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses led a group of Gozitan nurses in a short protest outside the Auberge de Castille on Wednesday morning, in which they appealed to the Prime Minister to stop Steward Healthcare from recruiting foreign nurses in the Gozo General Hospital.



MUMN declares dispute with Steward Health care in Gozo

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses will be issuing directives following Steward Health Care’s decision to employ foreign nurses at Gozo’s General Hospital.

“It is not acceptable that Steward Health Care are to employ foreign nurses at Gozo General Hospital (GGH) when Gozitan nurses are working in Malta waiting to be transferred to GGH,” the MUMN said.


MUMN Activists

MUMN has a group committee in every healthcare entity in Malta and Gozo. These committees are the link between our members and the MUMN Council. The Group Committees hold monthly meetings where they gather work related issues that members are faced with at the workplace. Every Group Committee is made up of 5 activists - The Chairperson, Secretary and three members. Find out who is representing you at your workplace.


Marketing Campaign 2020

Are you interested in a Caring Profession? Are you looking for a Rewarding Career? Become a qualified nurse. Several Nursing Courses are being offered locally. 

Choose Nursing - The Heartbeat of Healthcare



Celebrating International Nurses Day 2020 Press Release

“Hundreds of nurses from around the world have died because of contracting Covid -19 in the course of their duty. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) believes that the actual number of deaths among nurses may already be much higher than that current estimate.”

Our administration committee

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Paul Pace
Colin Galea
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Alexander Manche
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George Saliba
Financial Secretary

Our initiatives


Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund

Once you are an MUMN member you may choose to be part of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund. This fund is set up to help healthcare professionals that are passing through a difficult time and need financial assistance.


MUMN Benefits for Members

When joining MUMN, our members will be able to enjoy several benefits that are exclusive to our members. 


Adrian Farrugia
Dementia Day Care Centre SVP
I joined MUMN in 1999, practically from nearly it's inception!. Throughout the years MUMN has been pivotal in achieving so many groundbreaking milestones for the benefit of nurses and midwives and most importantly to safeguard our beloved patients. MUMN has evolved so much along the years from the introduction of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund, to the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals, the expansion to cater for other healthcare professionals and many more is yet to come. Nowadays MUMN has established itself as the most influential and respectable union within the health sector and beyond.
Alexander Genovese
ECG Technician
ECG Technicians have never really been acknowledged by any governing bodies until recently. Having seen MUMN grow and achieve for nurses and midwives, we did not hesitate to join when the opportunity arose to join. Being a union dedicated to only health care professionals, we could only see benefits coming our way. In fact, we were the first profession outside nurses and midwives to join MUMN. With the help of MUMN we already managed to achieve our first steps into becoming a well recognized and organized profession, such as good academic recognition and structure to our profession, and hopefully will continue to achieve more in the coming years. Thank you MUMN
Pauline Fenech.jpg
Pauline Fenech
As Physiotherapists we joined MUMN as we were not satisfied with our previous union. Since joining MUMN we have been given more attention and specifically to our needs as a profession. MUMN always listened to our difficulties and worked to address them in a timely manner just like any other profession they represent both individually and collectively. As a profession we were also given our own platform by creating our own group committee.

Our most recent directives

  • The Health Ministry and Steward have invested in the setup of an orthopaedic ward in GGH. Such investment was also done by the Directorate of Nursing in the Health Ministry by providing two batches of nurses from Malta to Gozo so that for the first time GGH will have a dedicated ward specifically for orthopaedic care. Having the orthopaedic ward being permanently used for screening for Covid-19 for admitting patients in GGH defeats the whole concept. Also such alternative use of the orthopaedic ward is not short term but long term. Not to mention that the Male General Ward, Female General Ward, the Day Ward nor any other ward in GGH are the ideal wards to nurse patients after orthopaedic surgery. Therefore, a directive is being issued that as from the 30th June 2020, all wards in GGH are not to accept orthopaedics and trauma. Such patients are to be admitted in the orthopaedic ward with the dedicated staff currently working in St. Anna ward, is to be transferred back to the orthopaedic ward also as from the 30th June 2020. MUMN is allowing till the 30th June, so that GGH management can make the necessary arrangements to relocate the screening of patients from the orthopaedic ward to another area in GGH. In case when the orthopaedic ward is filled up with orthopaedic patients, that trauma cases can be allowed to be admitted in any other ward in GGH. Paul Pace MUMN 23/06/2020
  • Due to lack of nursing compliment in Downtown Hotel when compared to SVP, MUMN is issuing the following directives: 1) During the night shift, Nurses are not to do any counter signatures when administering the DDA. 2) Nurses are to refrain from using Skype. 3) Nurses are not to reply to any phone calls. 4) Nurses are not to participate in visiting hours. 5) Nurses are not to accompany patients to the outpatients department. 6) Nurses are not to accompany patients to the emergency department. 7) Nurses are not to accept patients with IVI care from GGH. This directive is also due that no resident doctor is on site 24 hours and not just lack of nursing compliment. 8) Nurses are to transfer the current patients with IVI care to GGH. 9) Nurses are not to ride nor make use of the vehicle provided by GGH. All supplies including DDA have to brought from GGH without any involvement of the staff of Hotel Downtown. Such directive will commence on the 16th June 2020 Paul Pace MUMN President 15th June 2020
  • Directive to all Nurses working in Gozo General Hospital The Prime Minister yesterday stated that the Public Health Emergency Declaration that had been enacted due to the Covid-19 is going to be lifted in the coming hours. This implies that the huge sacrifices done by the numerous nurses in GGH who having been temporally transferred from their wards and departments (not to mention change of rosters) besides having their duties changed is to be terminated. MUMN would not allow further sacrifices which now have no justification. Also, GGH has to follow other hospitals in Malta which are retracting various internal transfers of nurses and are reverting back to pre-covid duties. In the light that GGH management is not willingly to transfer back the nurses to their respective wards and give nurses back their pre-covid duties, MUMN is issuing a directive with immediate effect that:- A. All nurses and practise nurses to return to their original pre-covid duties and rosters. The only exemption will be out-patients who will remain operating at Barts Medical School and the E/A Department. This is due to construction works which should be taking place in the coming weeks; B. No nurse is to be removed from his or her workplace. The time of sacrifices is over and MUMN would like to thank all its members for the sterling work done in GGH during the time of the Covid crisis; c. The Orthopaedic Nurses who are reporting to work at St. Anna Ward should report to work at the Orthopaedic Ward on the 1st July 2020. In the meantime, till the end of June, they are to follow these Directives – 1. Do not exceed the total of 16 patients admitted at St. Anna Ward; 2. Do not make use of the Skype or any other same medium; 3. Do not answer any landline telephones; 4. The nurses who used to work at the Orthopaedic Ward and are now reporting to work at the Day Ward should report to work at St. Anna Ward. Paul Pace President MUMN 15th June 2020
  • MUMN has no agreement on the Facilitating Potential Covid-19 Client Form. Such form does not make sense since in SVP, there is a stringent nurse allocation system to every cohort of patients and so the nurses do not feel the need to fill any forms related on this issue. MUMN expects that a residence such as SVP should have a stringent nurse allocation system but to have a task orientation form is not acceptable for MUMN. MUMN would like to note that while there is a nurse allocation is in every hospital and residence, such form does not exist in any institution. In fact, MUMN accepted the concept that even breakfast will now change and will be according to the allocation system. Such concept was accepted on the basis that no reduction of staff takes place in any ward. Therefore, MUMN cannot accept nor understand the logistics point of view of such form. Also, such form bears no benefit from an infection control point of view. Therefore, MUMN is issuing a directive to ignore The Facilitating Potential Covid-19 Client Form with immediate effect. Paul Pace MUMN 31st March 2020
  • Dear Colleague, We would like to inform you that in the present circumstances MUMN cannot in any way let its members be jeopardised in their line of duty including the nurses employed by Healthmark with regards to the coronavirus situation. With effect from Thursday 26th March 2020 from 7am onwards, the nurses are to follow these Directives: 1. Do not enter any household unless you are wearing a surgical mask when visiting a client who is not on quarantine. 2. Do not enter any household unless you are wearing a N95 mask when visiting a client who is on quarantine. Colin Galea General Secretary MUMN 24th March 2020
  • MUMN is issuing a Directive to All the Nurses in Charge at SVP so not to write any list related to washings as requested by management. This list is very unprofessional and unethical. Nurses administer treatment and perform wound dressings at the same time that washings are done. Nurses also wash patients but need to prioritise in their duties according to the patient's interests and not what the supporting staff want. This Directive starts from today and will remain in force until we instruct otherwise. Colin Galea General Secretary MUMN 12th March 2020
  • MUMN have made every effort to remove the liability of the Speech Language Liability Forms from all the Nursing Grades. The fact that such forms can lead to nurses being summoned to the Police station, interrogated and taken to court when nurses are not to blame, is unacceptable for MUMN. MUMN had requested that additional carers need to be placed on wards who should be managed not by the MNS/Charge Nurses/Nurses on the ward but by the SLPs Management so that all liability will not be on the nurses. While Steward Health was proactive to give full insurance cover to the nurses even for criminal charges and Steward Health Care even added carers on the wards in KGH. The Health Division (since such issue was being lead by the Health Division and not be the Elderly) found it convenient not to add additional carers (as to save money) and was comfortable to leave the liability on the nurses and not on the Speech Language Pathologists or on the department itself. Therefore, it is important to abide to MUMN directives just as KGH nurses had done on the same issue. The same directives are being issued as KGH. The directive is that from the 26th February 2020, nurses on wards in SVP and all Government homes are not to: 1. Not to Ambulate the patients. Nurses are not to participate in ambulation of patients. 2. All documentation being done during the day is to be stopped. The only documentation to be done is blood glucose charting, nursing report, treatment charting and intake and output charting ONLY. 3. Nurses are not to remove or check any food from patients and their wards. It is not in the job description of the nurse, nor the charge nurse to remove or search for food in the wards if patients are failing to comply to the SLPs forms. 4. The current directive to keep sending the SLPs Forms to the Office of the Perm. Sec is still in force. 5. Nurses are not to go to other wards to replace during break hours during the night. MUMN would be informing all nurses working in the Homes and SVP for any update. Important to comply to the directive since Nurses are not the dumping grounds of any other profession and should not be burdened with additional responsibilities. Paul Pace MUMN President 25th February