"Empowering Patients - Advancing the Profession"

MUMN’s vision is to primarily safeguard the healthcare professionals at their workplace. Our vision is to always be loyal to our members and towards the professions. MUMN offers excellent service to its members and is effective in improving working conditions. We ensure that members will always be represented with integrity and the respect they deserve. MUMN operates in an open, democratic and respectful manner. We will always stand for the members' rights, well being and interests of workers in the workplace. MUMN promsies to continuously work to enhance the quality of working conditions. We will strive to work towards sustaining and promoting healthcare professionals' continuous professional development.

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Is-Sena Internazzjonali tal-Infermiera u l-Qwiebel 2020 Tnedija tal-kanzunetta Lilna Issib – 17 ta’ Novembru, 2020.

L-infermiera u l-qwiebel għandhom ir-rwol vitali fil-provvediment tas-servizzi tas-saħħa. Dawn huma nies li jiddedikaw ħajjithom jieħdu ħsieb ommijiet u tfal: jagħtu tilqim li jsalva l-ħajjiet, u pariri dwar is-saħħa; jieħdu ħsieb l-anzjani, u b’mod ġenerali jieħdu ħsieb il-ħtiġijiet essenzjali tas-saħħa li jinqalgħu kuljum.  Ta’ spiss huma l-ewwel punt ta’ referenza għall-kura fil-kommunitajiet tagħhom. 


Substantial number of Covid cases will result in 'disastrous situation' in health sector - MUMN

MUMN said today it is concerned with the increase of Covid cases being recorded on a daily basis. Such increase will definitely have a negative impact on the health sector, including primary care, elderly institutions and MDH to the detriment of the patients and the staff.


MUMN warn of lockdown after 'alarming' number of patients in ITU

MUMN are ringing the alarm bells as overwhelmed hospital staff and an increasing number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care could leave Malta with no other option than to go into lockdown.

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Pope presented with Tunic worn by Nurses and Midwives in Malta

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the setting up of the MUMN, the executive committee and a number of members this morning visited the Vatican City State.

The delegation, led by its President Paul Pace, this morning participated in the general audience by His Holiness Pope Francis at the Vatican’s Piazza San Damaso.

Our administration committee

Paul Pace
Paul Pace
Colin Galea
General Secretary
Alex Manche
Alexander Manche
Vice President
George Saliba
George Saliba
Financial Secretary

Our initiatives


Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund

Once you are an MUMN member you may choose to be part of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund. This fund is set up to help healthcare professionals that are passing through a difficult time and need financial assistance.


MUMN Benefits for Members

When joining MUMN, our members will be able to enjoy several benefits that are exclusive to our members. 

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The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals

In 2017, The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals was launched within the MUMN. The Committee organizes monthly seminars for our members as well as workshops, seminars and conferences.

Senior GC

Senior Members Group

Once you reach retirement age, you can join our senior member group, the entails one paying a one time fee of 12 euros. You will then me a lifetime member. Members will be updated on MUMN’s latest news. The Senior Group Committee organizes quarterly outings around Malta and Gozo.


Adrian Farrugia
Dementia Day Care Centre SVP
I joined MUMN in 1999, practically from nearly it's inception!. Throughout the years MUMN has been pivotal in achieving so many groundbreaking milestones for the benefit of nurses and midwives and most importantly to safeguard our beloved patients. MUMN has evolved so much along the years from the introduction of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund, to the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals, the expansion to cater for other healthcare professionals and many more is yet to come. Nowadays MUMN has established itself as the most influential and respectable union within the health sector and beyond.
Alexander Genovese
ECG Technician
ECG Technicians have never really been acknowledged by any governing bodies until recently. Having seen MUMN grow and achieve for nurses and midwives, we did not hesitate to join when the opportunity arose to join. Being a union dedicated to only health care professionals, we could only see benefits coming our way. In fact, we were the first profession outside nurses and midwives to join MUMN. With the help of MUMN we already managed to achieve our first steps into becoming a well recognized and organized profession, such as good academic recognition and structure to our profession, and hopefully will continue to achieve more in the coming years. Thank you MUMN
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Pauline Fenech
As Physiotherapists we joined MUMN as we were not satisfied with our previous union. Since joining MUMN we have been given more attention and specifically to our needs as a profession. MUMN always listened to our difficulties and worked to address them in a timely manner just like any other profession they represent both individually and collectively. As a profession we were also given our own platform by creating our own group committee.

Our most recent directives

  • Directive to all Nurses in all grades working at SAMOC MUMN was notified by its members that with all the hype in the media by the Health Division that 125 nurses were recruited this year, none of these nurses were sent to SAMOC to address the huge shortage of nurses on the wards. This was compounded by the lack of action from the Health Department where no replacements were sent to SAMOC as nurses were being deployed elsewhere. Currently there are 30 vacancies in a small hospital such as SAMOC. MUMN has no input in the nursing deployment since even a consultation from the Health Department on such a matter was deprived from MUMN. MUMN is dissatisfied on the approach and manner by the DNS on how calls are being issued and nurses deployed. The DNS is not verifying the demands of each and every hospital. In fact, while MUMN never resorts to industrial action in a sensitive area such as SAMOC, there are instances such as the current issue, where MUMN has to take action. It is clear for MUMN that oncology care is not a high priority in the Government agenda or the Health Division did not make an impact assessment on the Human Resources In SAMOC. Therefore, unless the current nursing issues are resolved with an increase of 30 nurses in SAMOC, MUMN is issuing the following directives starting from next Thursday 8th October 2020 from 7am onwards - Adult Oncology Ward 1/ Adult Oncology Ward 2:- 1. External calls not to be answered; 2. Nurses not to leave the Wards; 3. No shrouding; 4. No ambulation of patients; 5. No clerical work in the absence of a clerk; 6. Not more than 2 Haematology patients to be admitted. Palliative Care Unit:- 1. No shrouding; 2. No ambulation; 3. No washing of patients; 4. External calls not to be answered; 5. No errands by nurses outside the ward. Day Ward:- 1. No checking of files on day of review; 2. External calls not to be answered; 3. Not to dispense any medicine. Haematology:- 1. Capping on Admission of patients at 15 patients; 2. No washing of patients. Radiotherapy - O/P:- 1. External calls not to be answered; 2. Nurses not to call patients; 3. Nurses not to act as chaperones; 4. No ambulation of patients; 5. Nurses not to leave O/P’s premises; 6. Not to give Influenza Vaccines; 7. No Walk-ins to be seen; 8. No clerical duties in the absence of a clerk. Paul Pace President MUMN 5th October 2020
  • Important Notice to All MUMN Members New Directives to be Implemented in Various Places of Work. MUMN had just terminated the meeting with the Health Division on several issues:- 1. It was confirmed that the Sunday and Feasts Allowances during Quarantine Leave (related to work) has been finalizied and is now being implemented by Human resources in all Hospitals and other Health Institutions so that they will not be deductions as from 1st July 2020 on such allowances; All MUMN members are to benefit on this measure. 2. Meal Allowances to MCH/ Community Services, KGH, GGH, MDH, Elderly Homes, Comm Care, SAMOC and SVP had been agreed and will be provided to all members of MUMN. The part timers and reduced will also benefit from such an agreement; 3. The recruitment of nurses to address the shortage of all nurses in all Hospitals & other places of work has been addressed since in today’s meeting it was agreed that the 267 TCNs (third Country Nationals) are to be recruited; 4. The meal allowances for the Primary Health Care Department was NOT approved. 5. The 12 hours extra VL was retrieved by the Health Division and therefore all Healthcare Workers working over 8 hour shifts are to remain discriminated. 6. The €400 per month allocated for those Healthcare Workers with children under 10 years was going to be provided with severe restrictions which will be impossible for our members to achieve such allowances. On this issue regarding the permanent/partial closure of schools MUMN is issuing a Directive to all its members that parents (members of MUMN) can remain at home with their children for any unlimited time with the only loss being the Sunday and Feasts Allowance. Parents with children with special needs are also to make use of this Directive. Such Directive is not just to members of MUMN with children under 10 years but to parent - members of MUMN with children of all ages attending the primary/secondary schools or special schools. Rest assured that MUMN will be monitoring this situation and will be safeguarding those members who will remain duty by downsizing the workload as necessary in all department including the Main Operation Theatre. Another Directive is being issued regarding the 12 hours deprived to MUMN members and the lack of approval for the increase meal allowances in the Primary Health Care. 1. All nurses in all Hospitals, Homes and Health Centres are not to administer any influenza vaccine. This is also valid for nurses working on overtime basis. Due to the lack of approval of the meal allowance to the Health Centres, All nurses are not to do any bloodletting as from 24th September 2020 from 7.00 am onwards. INR or APTT test are still to be taken. MUMN would like to bring to the attention of the staff who were considered vulnerable way back in March that those members who their vulnerability does not fall under the current criteria are to contact MUMN officials. Paul Pace President 22nd September 2020
  • Industrial Directives to Nurses in all Grades at the New Extension at SVP. Directives Are Being Suspended Until Further Notice Dear Colleague, We would like to inform you that the Industrial Directives to all Nurses in all Grades at the New Extension at SVP are being amended in Bold - 1. Do not offer any care for those residents that continuously abuse the staff in their attitude, comments, and actions. These residents do not deserve your care. Only treatment should be administered to these patients. Otherwise do not go near these patients who have history for abusing the staff every ward they have resided. 2. Those Nurses who are not certified to withdraw blood should not do this practice as they may be involved in medicolegal issues. 3a. Those wards which occupy 36 patients and less should have as compliment - CN/DCN and 3 Nurses during the day plus SIX supporting staff. 3b. Those wards which occupy 37 patients or more should have as compliment - CN/DCN and 4 Nurses during the day and 2 Nurses during the night plus SIX supporting staff. Those wards who do not have this compliment, the Nurses are not to wash patients but focus only on administration of treatment, change of dressings, nursing report and parameters. 4. No further new admissions or internal transfers in any ward are to take place. This Directive is to be only removed until MUMN has an agreement with all stake holders regarding the staff compliment. 5. When a constant watch is ordered, patient is to be restrained until an additional staff arrives to the ward for constant watch purposes. Regards, Colin Galea General Secretary MUMN 2nd October 2020
  • To all members of MUMN working at PHC Influenza directive still In force MUMN is sending this clarification regarding the influenza vaccine directive. Influenza vaccine is NOT to be administered in ALL circumstances such as: 1) When on duty on normal roster. 2) When working on Overtime. 3) Do not accept any change of roster to administer any vaccine. 4) Do not let the management intimating you. Report to MUMN an intimidation by management. 5) Until further notice from MUMN (and not from management), MUMN will inform you through email, website, Facebook, on any updates. 6) Influenza vaccine is NOT to be administered in any scenario. 7) Contrary to what is being told by the Nursing management to certain nurses, there is no agreement with the Health Division. Paul Pace President 10th October 2020
  • MUMN Council regrets to inform you that the latest agreement reached with the Health Division will not be implemented by the Permanent Secretary. This implies that Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists and other members of MUMN will still have deductions in their payroll when sent on quarantine and the 12 hours of VL due to the Public Holidays will not be granted. Also the Health Division failed to employ the 260 TCNs much needed in all hospitals. Not to mention that the 400 euro per month has not be forwarded to Human Resources (of every hospital/primary care etc.) as to be implemented in case schools do not open in September as planned. The reason given is that there is yet no financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance. This is an insult to the Prime Minister as such agreement was approved also by his Office. Hospitals, both for patients and staff have become a liability due to the shortage of nurses and other health care workers. The Health Division is now even allowing that level one constant watch in Mt. Carmel Hospital to be performed by the contractor with “unqualified” carers when such level one requires a nurse as per hospital protocol. While wards in MDH, MCH, KGH and GGH still lack the proper compliment of nurses and midwives, but then the Health Division allows nurses waiting for employment for months on end. This shows that the frontliners in all hospitals are being treated as second class with the Health Division even abandoning and ignoring the agreement which the Prime Minister was involved. Therefore as from the 2nd September 2020, the following directives to all MUMN members working in MDH, GGH, MCH, KGH and Primary Care will come into effect: All Nurses, Midwives working in SVP, MDH, GGH, KGH, Elderly Homes & MCH are:- 1 Not to wash any patients. 2 Not to ambulate patients to and from a bed and vice versa. 3 Not to accompany patients to and from X-rays, theatres, out-patients etc; 4 The only forms to be filled by the nurses & midwives are the nursing report, treatment charts, output/input charting, blood glucose monitoring, TPR and Sp02 monitoring; No other forms are to be filled up. 5. Only four theatres are to be used being emergency or elective. All nurses are to remain in theatre and for no reason such nurses are to leave theatre. All elective surgery is to be stopped. Intensive Care Unit (ITU) 1. No shrouding in ITU. Primary Health Care: All bloodletting is to be stopped. INR is to be taken as from 3rd September 2020. Mt. Carmel Hospital Besides the directives listed above, No forms regarding bed state/transfers are to be filled. No information regarding bed state is to be given to management over the phone For the Physiotherapist working in SLH, Comm Care/Homes, GGH, SVP, CDAU, MCH, PHC, MDH and KGH:- MDH Inpatients : Orthopedic wards : No electives surgery patients to be seen. All other Wards: Only chest patients to be seen. MDH outpatients: only 3 patients daily to be seen face to face by each physio. KGH inpatients: No new patients to be seen and that includes patients transferred between wards; No home visits. KGH out patients: No more than 3 patients daily to be seen face to face by each physio. CDAU No more than 3 patients daily to be seen face to face by each physio. SVPR Wards: Only chest patients to be seen. No ward rounds. No home visits. Outpatients: not more than 3 face to face patients daily to be seen by each physio. MCH: Wards: Only chest patients to be seen. No wards rounds. No home visits. No classes. Out patients : Not more than 3 face to face patients daily to be seen by each physio. Primary Care: No more than 3 face to face patients daily to be seen by each physio. GGH wards: No new patients to be seen. GGH Outpatients: no more than 3 face to face patients daily to be seen by each physio. Commcare and Homes No more than 3 face to face patients daily to be seen by each physio. To all ECG Technician working in all hospitals excluding SAMOC: - 1 Not to take ECGs which are sent and ordered through the outpatient’s departments. 2 Not to take any ECGs requested as a review between 5.00 a.m. and 7.00 a.m. SAMOC, E/A, ITU, Renal Unit, Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Central Delivery Suite and Pediatric Wards are all being exempted till now from these directives. Paul Pace President MUMN 31st August 2020
  • The Covid measures being implemented in the Main Operating theatre by the Infection Control Unit are not acceptable to MUMN. The safety precautions which have to safe guard the staff of the MOT from Covid infection is to say the least, disappointing. Therefore MUMN is issuing these directives to all nurses working in the MOT in MDH with immediate effect. 1) All patients who have no Covid screen result are to be treated as positive. So MUMN is issuing the directive that if the patient has no recent negative result published such patient will ONLY be assisted by nurses in a Covid Theatre ONLY. Nurses are not to allow any patients who do not possess a negative swab in any other theatre other than Covid and refuse to assist any doctor if any other theatre is considered. 2) The concept of low risk and high risk used by infection control does not make sense from a health and safety point of view. Therefore MUMN is ordering all nurses working in the MOT to consider all low risk and high risk bookings as positive. 3) UV or fumigation should be done each time the Covid Theatre is used and not only if the patient is a confirmed positive case. Paul Pace President MUMN 19th August 2020
  • Nebulization Procedure due to the Current Covid-19 Situation – Attention all Nurses and Midwives MUMN would like to inform you that contrary to the memo issued by the Infection Control Unit, the nebulisation procedure should only be done as follows: a. wearing a N95 mask; b. wearing a surgical mask in a negative pressure environment. If such PPE is not provided MUMN is issuing an Industrial Directive with immediate effect that the nebulisation procedure should not to be performed. This is a Health & Safety issue. Paul Pace MUMN President 18th August 2020
  • The situation regarding the warfarin has been left unresolved even though MUMN has tried to resolve the issue through an agreement. The legal aspect must be followed and therefore SVP has to follow the practices used in MDH and in all hospitals regarding the administration of treatment. A directive which is to come into effect from tomorrow the 10th August to all nurses (irrespective of the grade) is as follows. 1. Once the result of the INR is issued, all nurses are to phone the doctor on call to come to the ward to adjust the dose of the Warfarin. 2. This is to be documented into the nursing report. 3. In case the doctor does not come to the ward to adjust the dose of the warfarin, all nurses are not to administer any warfarin. 4. This is important to follow since there is a legal aspect. The dose of the warfarin written in the treatment chart does not reflect the latest result issued. So, the protocol is that to administer any warfarin, the doctor has to come to the ward to prescribed on the treatment chart the new dose of warfarin. 5. Nurses are to refrain from going out of their ward for this purpose or sending any carers with the treatment chart to any specified area indicated by the doctor. Doctors like in all hospitals in Malta and Gozo have a duty to come up to the ward and adjust the dose of warfarin. It is important that all nurses adhere to such directive since the treatment carries a huge legal aspect especially when nurses do not adhere to standard protocol listed above Paul Pace President MUMN 9th August 2020
  • Mr. Paul Buttigieg Chief Nursing Manager Mater Dei Hospital Dear Mr. Buttigieg, Allow me to write regarding a sensitive matter occurring at MOT which can easily result in legal repercussions. MOT Nurses are being requested to fill up forms to certify if equipment is functioning well or not. With all due respect this task makes part of a technician's duty and surely not that of a nurse with all the legal implications that this request carries on. In this regard I would like to inform you that MUMN will be issuing an Industrial Directive to all MOT Nurses with immediate effect for not to fill any forms that are related to confirming if any equipment is functioning or not. Regards, Colin Galea General Secretary MUMN 14th August 2020