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MUMN’s vision is to primarily safeguard the healthcare professionals at their workplace. Our vision is to always be loyal to our members and towards the professions. MUMN offers excellent service to its members and is effective in improving working conditions. We ensure that members will always be represented with integrity and the respect they deserve. MUMN operates in an open, democratic and respectful manner. We will always stand for the members' rights, well being and interests of workers in the workplace. MUMN promsies to continuously work to enhance the quality of working conditions. We will strive to work towards sustaining and promoting healthcare professionals' continuous professional development.


MUMN alleges illegal immigrants are self-harming to be admitted to MCH

The Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) said that it cannot tolerate its members being in more danger in Mount Carmel Hospital because of the “abuse” they suffer at the hands of the illegal immigrants in the detention centres. It alleged migrants were self-harming in order to be taken to Mount Carmel Hospital, and thus, occupying much-needed beds. Later, the union announced that these migrants were being relocated after its complaint. The Commissioner for Mental Health reacted to this saying that it is “grossly unfair” to allege ulterior motives for admission, whilst the Malta Refugee Council called MUMN’s statement “insensitive” to the desperation and fear the migrants live in.


MUMN Declares Victory

The Court has limited the industrial action by the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, ordering to withdraw directives which were deemed detrimental to the patient’s wellbeing. On Friday, the court ruled that the industrial action ordered by the union can go ahead except for directives which could place patients’ health at risk. Mr Justice Robert Mangion presiding over the First Hall of the Civil Court also disallowed any action that was to be taken by nurses working at St Vincent De Paul and Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital.


Nurses insist on right for industrial action to press for better pay

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses on Wednesday defended in court a decision to order industrial action, with union chief Paul Pace insisting that nurses should be paid at the same rates as other healthcare professionals. 

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Is-Sena Internazzjonali tal-Infermiera u l-Qwiebel 2020 Tnedija tal-kanzunetta Lilna Issib – 17 ta’ Novembru, 2020.

L-infermiera u l-qwiebel għandhom ir-rwol vitali fil-provvediment tas-servizzi tas-saħħa. Dawn huma nies li jiddedikaw ħajjithom jieħdu ħsieb ommijiet u tfal: jagħtu tilqim li jsalva l-ħajjiet, u pariri dwar is-saħħa; jieħdu ħsieb l-anzjani, u b’mod ġenerali jieħdu ħsieb il-ħtiġijiet essenzjali tas-saħħa li jinqalgħu kuljum.  Ta’ spiss huma l-ewwel punt ta’ referenza għall-kura fil-kommunitajiet tagħhom. 

Our administration committee

Paul Pace
Paul Pace
Colin Galea
General Secretary
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Alexander Manche
Vice President
George Saliba
George Saliba
Financial Secretary

Our initiatives


Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund

Once you are an MUMN member you may choose to be part of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund. This fund is set up to help healthcare professionals that are passing through a difficult time and need financial assistance.


MUMN Benefits for Members

When joining MUMN, our members will be able to enjoy several benefits that are exclusive to our members. 

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The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals

In 2017, The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals was launched within the MUMN. The Committee organizes monthly seminars for our members as well as workshops, seminars and conferences.

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Marketing Campaign 2021

Are you interested in a Caring Profession? Are you looking for a Rewarding Career? Become a qualified nurse. Several Nursing Courses are being offered locally. 

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Adrian Farrugia
Dementia Day Care Centre SVP
I joined MUMN in 1999, practically from nearly it's inception!. Throughout the years MUMN has been pivotal in achieving so many groundbreaking milestones for the benefit of nurses and midwives and most importantly to safeguard our beloved patients. MUMN has evolved so much along the years from the introduction of the Florence Nightingale Benevolent Fund, to the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals, the expansion to cater for other healthcare professionals and many more is yet to come. Nowadays MUMN has established itself as the most influential and respectable union within the health sector and beyond.
Alexander Genovese
ECG Technician
ECG Technicians have never really been acknowledged by any governing bodies until recently. Having seen MUMN grow and achieve for nurses and midwives, we did not hesitate to join when the opportunity arose to join. Being a union dedicated to only health care professionals, we could only see benefits coming our way. In fact, we were the first profession outside nurses and midwives to join MUMN. With the help of MUMN we already managed to achieve our first steps into becoming a well recognized and organized profession, such as good academic recognition and structure to our profession, and hopefully will continue to achieve more in the coming years. Thank you MUMN
Pauline Fenech.jpg
Pauline Fenech
As Physiotherapists we joined MUMN as we were not satisfied with our previous union. Since joining MUMN we have been given more attention and specifically to our needs as a profession. MUMN always listened to our difficulties and worked to address them in a timely manner just like any other profession they represent both individually and collectively. As a profession we were also given our own platform by creating our own group committee.

Our most recent directives

  • 1. All nurses in all grades and in all Health Centres are not to do any bloodletting on Sunday and Feasts days. 2. All nurses in all grades are to retain their current catchment area. No nursing service is to be given for any patient which does not fall under the catchment area. Even if seen by a GP, nurses are to refuse to give service if not within their catchment area. The norm has always been that in case of physical injury, where the patient is bleeding, such patient is given the service of the nurse in the nearest HC, but then the follow up is to be given within the catchment area of the patient. 3. The existing directive of 50 cases for bloodletting is to continue. The 50 cases include those of the INR. Such clarification is being issued since the PHC management is trying to confuse ideas about the current directives. Therefore, rightly so, Charge Nurse and Nurses requested clarification on the current existing directives. MUMN Council
  • 1) The existing directive that only 6 cardiac monitor beds are to be used is to be adhered. Such directive is for day and night shift. 2) No infective cases are to be admitted in Cardiac Surgical unless the patient is a cardiac surgical case and needs a monitor. Such directive is for day and night shift. Such directive is important due to the Health and safety of other patients. 3) When two nurses are only present in the night shift, the bed state of the ward is 14 and not 17 beds. So no admissions are accepted from Bed management when 14 patients are present on the ward. 4) Such directives are with immediate effect. Paul Pace President
  • A directive is being issued with immediate effect to all nurses and midwives working in obstetrics wards 1,2, 3, and Delivery Suite. They are not to attend to positive mothers who have their partners in their rooms.
  • Attention to all Nurses working in the E/A Department. Regarding the recent violence on the nurses working in the E/A department, MUMN has requested a meeting with MDH management to revise the safety measures in place. MUMN is not just satisfied by just going public and condemning this episode even though public awareness is very important.
  • Once again MUMN has been informed that MDH will be transferring the bloodletting appointments of MDH onto the Health Centres. Currently, MUMN had to re-issue the directives to all phlebotomists due to their sectoral agreement.
  • The Health Division discriminated against the Nurses and Midwives by making them fill in an annual appraisal reports which reports results in financial reductions to nurses and midwives in their PMP. On the contrary the allied group, in their sectoral agreement, it was agreed that they do not need to fill this appraisal report
  • This is a reminder that as from Wednesday 6th October 2021 from 7 am onwards the following directives are to come in effect in all SVP including the new block: Charge Nurses, Senior Staff Nurses, Staff Nurses, and Enrolled nurses do not do any duties attributed to a Ward Clerk. MUMN Council
  • On the 16th September 2021, MUMN had issued an industrial dispute due to the fact that MDH management dismantled theatre 7 and theatre 14 which were being used for Covid cases. By dismantling such Covid theatres, nurses were left with grossly reduced infection control measures with the blessing of MDH management when dealing with Covid patients or query Covid. MUMN allowed one week for MDH management to get their house in order and to reassemble theatre 14 or theatre 7. One week was wasted since not even a reply or an acknowledgment was sent to MUMN by MDH management or your office. Not to mention that during the one-week notice from the 9th September 2021 till the 22nd September 2021, no works on theatre 14 or theatre 7 were ever initiated. The arrogance and the laissez-faire on Health and Safety issues from both your office and by MDH office are overwhelming. While your office and that of MDH management sit pretty in the air-conditioned offices behind numerous Perspex, nurses working in the theatre were literally left with no protection from Covid. The pandemic, which is far from over has more virulent strains emerging such as Delta and UM which can also have a permeant effect on the lungs of the nurses in MOT. It is incredible that your office and that of MDH management just ignore an email from MUMN regarding the Health and Safety of the nurses just as if it is a piece of toilet paper. Therefore, since as of today the 24th September, the Directive to all nurses not to assist any patients in theatre if Covid positive or query Covid is active, MUMN is holding your office as legally responsible for any death of a patient. Since your office and that of MDH management are arrogant enough to ignore even the one-week interval to get the Covid theatres back in order, nurses (even in life-threatening situations) will also not be assisting any doctors in theatre. If your approach as Perm. Sec is to ignore the pleas of Health and Safety of the nurses working in MOT just to hide behind Court Mandates, shows how low your office has become degenerated, but rest assured that MUMN will not remove any directives on Health and Safety even with a court mandate. Paul Pace President
  • Ms. Charlotte Sant Portanier CEO – New SVP Dear Ms. Sant Portanier, Allow me to inform that MUMN cannot accept the situation present at the wards of New SVP regarding the shortage of nurses where it is an everyday routine that wards lack Nurses and clerks with the result that the Charge Nurses are not doing their job properly as they need to fill the duties of the nurse, the clerk and that of a Charge Nurse. In this regard, MUMN must support its members in able to avoid further burnout and also to work in a safe practice environment as much as possible. I would like to inform you that with immediate effect the below Industrial Directives come into force:- Nurses in all grades are to REFUSE external and internal admissions when the full complement of the award is not met – CN, Nurses, Carers & Clerk Nurses in all grades are NOT to process food menus and NOT to send daily morning reports in the ABSENCE of a clerk and/or 1 nurse from the compliment; Nurses in all grades are NOT to attend ward rounds if 2 nurses and a CN/ACN are not ALL presents. The ward compliment has to be maintained throughout the day/night even when the residents are to be accompanied outside the ward. Hence, nurses/CN/ACN will not leave the ward unless they are replaced. Nurses in all grades will not accept any appointments for Video Calls. This letter supersedes the one sent on the 17th September 2021 as an agreement with the Ministry of Health was reached yesterday regarding not issuing the TCN call for Nurses. Regards, Colin Galea General Secretary MUMN
  • Dear MUMN Member, Reference to the Directive regarding the Admissions issued last week. We would like to clarify two points about this Directive. No internal or external Admissions should be accepted except: 1. When a covid positive resident is transferred from New SVP to SVP for quarantine purposes, this resident should be accepted back again from the nurses at New SVP when the resident is ready to be transferred back; 2. When a resident is transferred to MDH, this resident should be accepted back at KR1 (New SVP) and after some days, this same resident should be accepted back at SVP. Regards, Colin Galea MUMN
  • Ms. Charlotte Sant Portanier CEO – New SVP Dear Ms. Sant Portanier, Allow me to inform that MUMN cannot accept the situation present at the wards of New SVP regarding the shortage of nurses where it is an everyday routine that wards lack Nurses and clerks with the result that the Charge Nurses are not doing their job properly as they need to fill the duties of the nurse, the clerk and that of a Charge Nurse. Moreover, MUMN is aware that the TCN nurses are waiting for their contract to expire to leave the country as they cannot take the burnout anymore due to lack of staff especially nurses. Read More
  • Without any consultation and without any agreed pathway, theatre 14 or theatre 7 which were being used for Covid patients and query Covid patients were recently dismantled. It is evident that although the Covid virus remained identical if not more virulent form when the pandemic started due to the Delta variant, infection control measures have been grossly reduced both by infection control and by MDH management which is not acceptable to MUMN and to the nurses working in theatre. Read More
  • Dear Ms. Falzon, MUMN is instructing its nurses to remove all disposable items belonging to DENOVA from the ward since the nurses in M5 do not want to participate anymore in any pilot project. They are to order their disposable items from MDH pharmacy just like all other wards in MDH. It is up to MDH management to instruct DENOVA on the nurse's and union's decisions. Paul Pace MUMN President 24/8/21
  • Dear Mr Rapa, Following the meeting with the nurses at PHCD, MUMN is replying to your email with the following: Point 1 & 2…. Perspex: The time frame which your office issued that by the 1st September the full order of Perspex will be available in all Health Centre is acceptable with MUMN. Such Perspex must be made available as urgently as possible since most Health Centres are not having any screening of patients at all. It is important that all Health Centres including Gozo will be consulted on the types of Perspex needed. 24/8/21 etc...
  • This ward merits proper staffing levels due to health and safety reasons for the nursing staff since all the patients in this ward are Covid positive patients. Donning and doffing must be performed not in haste but in a tranquil setting so as not to make mistakes, which could result in the transmission if this is passed over to the nurses. Not to mention that health carers on such wards may provide very limited help on the ward due to the fact that all patients are Covid cases. MUMN has already stressed that the staffing levels on this ward should be prioritized since the risks involved are much more than the other wards who are also suffering from a shortage of nurses. Similar directives will be issued in MDH from 1st September 2021. Therefore, MUMN is issuing a directive with immediate effect, that unless four nurses are present during the night shift and 6 nurses are present during the day shift, such ward will refrain from any admissions. Regards, Paul Pace President
  • Clarification to Directive All type of wound dressings including leg ulcers dressings, and pilonidal sinus dressings are to be done if ordered by the doctor. If not ordered by the doctor such dressings are not to be done.
  • Directive to all nurses working in Primary Health care, Starting from tomorrow the 27/07/21. MUMN and its members working in Primary Health care have just been informed that a memo issued today states that all triage which was being done by the doctors is to be stopped as from tomorrow. This is not acceptable to all the nurses and midwives nor to MUMN since it is jeopardizing the Health and Safety of all the nurses and midwives working in the treatment room and in various clinics in all Health centres. It is not acceptable that the “proposed” triage is to be done inside the Health Centre by the Nursing aids and by the staff at the reception of the private contractor. Also, Primary Health Care held a meeting with UHM and GWU but left MUMN totally out of the picture. Therefore, starting from tomorrow, nurses and midwives are to stop all clinics and are not to accept any patients in the treatment room/ clinics unless screened by the doctor outside the Health Centre. All nurses and midwives working in Primary Health Care are to report to the office of the charge nurse from tomorrow. MUMN will only consider any meetings with Primary Health care management when triage by the doctors is restored. Clarification to all nurses working in \Primary Health care, Starting from tomorrow the 27/07/21. Since stupid decisions are being taken behind the union’s back by Primary Health care management, directives had to be issued. Such directives are Health and safety directives to protect you. But as a sign of goodwill patients attending for INR, POC and vaccination are to be given. All bloodletting is to be stopped and all non-essential services such as clinics are to be stopped. Only life-threatening cases are to be seen in the treatment room. Update to all nurses working in Primary Health Care. 29-7-2021 It is evident that the ill decision to remove the doctors from covid triage was done at the detriment of all the nurses working in PHC. The PHC was irresponsible enough to suggest the following as replacement of the doctors: 1) Care, workers or clerks. While MUMN reserves all respect to their work but using nonmedical professionals for covid triage is illegal and well beyond their area of expertise. Such workers are only to work under direct nursing supervision in any clinical settings and legally, cannot be used to note any clinical decisions on any type of clinical conditions such as in covid triage. Care workers can never replace medical professionals such as a nurse let alone a doctor. 2) Foreign Nurses of a private contractor. MUMN cannot fathom how PHC would be negligent enough to propose foreign nurses knowing well that such nurses are not only not fluent in the English language but do not speak Maltese at all. Can you imagine, an old person or even young people who are not fluent in English attending the Health Centre being triaged by a Third Country National nurse who has no clue of the Maltese language. It would be a total mess and disaster and GOD only knows what type of triage will take place if triage takes place after all!!!! This clearly shows that the Health and Safety of the nurses was brushed aside, and decisions were taken by PHC without even using some small ounce of common sense. This demonstrates that the decision-making process was taken irresponsible as if the pandemic is over or that vaccinated people are not becoming infected. What is worst is that no respect was shown to your families, to your parents or to your children. While the directives are 100% successful, MUMN urges you to keep following the directives since this was a negative decision against the nurses who are giving a sterling service in the community and MUMN considers all nurses in PHC and NIS, the very front liners of this Covid pandemic. Front-liners should be treated with respect and not used for smiley photos when convenient. On a different note, while nurses are disciplined for minor issues, but having PHC taking such ill decisions, no one gets disciplined by management and no one is held accountable. Il-Forka ghaz- zghir qieghda is still valid to this very day. MUMN council
  • After today’s meeting with all nurses/midwives at all health Centres, amendments of the existing directives are being issued. MUMN cannot comprehend why from all places of work in Malta, Primary Health care resorted to a handicapped hybrid non-functional triage system which was the only barrier to protect the nurses and midwives in the Health Centre. While the Government is also introducing remote working (and not just physical barriers on desks) on various workplaces, Primary Health care Management dismantled a perfectly working system called triage to the detriment of the nurses/midwives and their families. With immediate effect, these are the amendment directives: 1. Blood letting…only INRs and POC are to be done 2. NIS clinic…only 1st dose vaccine seen first by the paediatrician are to done. 3. Midwives….The 18 month baby clinic is to be stopped and all post Natals consultations. Removal of Sutures are to be done only from 10.00am to 11 am. Gynae clinic is to stop. 4. All emergency trauma is to be done at all times. But reviews, follow ups and change of dressing are strictly to be done from 10.00 am till 12.00 midday ONLY. 5. All statistics requested by PHC management is not to be done 6. The Nursing Administration sheet is not to be sent. 7. All special clinics are not to be attended by nurses. Such amendments are with immediate effect. MUMN Council