Important Information to All Nurses & Midwives

Dear Colleagues 

MUMN Council is grateful that you have observed the Industrial Directive to wear a colourful t-shirt to celebrate our victory in court.

Now that we have conveyed our message loud and clear, it's time to go back and wear our uniform.

This Directive will be lifted on Sunday 9th October 2022. This means that from Monday 10th October we will all wear our normal uniform.

We are considering switching again to wear a t-shirt at the beginning of next Summer especially at those places of work where there is not installed ac units as a measure that respects health & safety measures, but we will look into that next year.

Best regards,

MUMN Council


To All Nurses Working in SVP

Postponed for now

MUMN is organising a Press Conference next Monday 8th August at 9.30 am in front of SVP to protest against the way the Nurses at SVP are being treated by the establishment. You are being requested to join the MUMN Officials for this Press Conference.

Most of the wards, during night duty, are being left with one Nurse facing all the challenges even in large wards with 30 residents and over. This is not acceptable to MUMN. To add insult to injury, when a situation occurs, the Ministry, instead of being understandable and shouldering the responsibility of leaving only one nurse, they are blaming the nurse, suspends him from work, and creates trauma for the nurse involved. We cannot accept these situations anymore. Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you.

Another issue is the availing of vacation leave. This issue needs to be addressed by the Ministry. Nurses at SVP are going through hell just to avail their vacation leave entitlement. It's time we put our foot down.

So make it a point that next Monday at 9.30 am you will be there to support your union leaders who will be speaking on these absurd situations. Together we can make a change.


MUMN Council.



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Press Conference International Days of Nurses & Midwives

MUMN is holding a press conference today Tuesday 10 May at 11.00 hrs at the new premises in Qormi.

 During this press conference, MUMN will be highlighting the challenges and hurdles the nurses & midwives are facing on a day-to-day basis and the decisions that are to be taken. 

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Zjara tal-Prim Ministru ghand l-MUMN

Il-Malta Union of Midwives & Nurses tixtieq thabbar li l-On. Prim Ministru Dr. Robert Abela ser izur il-premises godda taha illum l-Erbgha 16 ta' Marzu fis-1pm.

Matul din iz-zjara l-On. Prim Ministru ser jiltaqgha mall-Kunsill kollu ta' l-MUMN imexxi mis-sur Paul Pace President ta' l-MUMN. Read More