Edition No. 85 - December 2019

In this edition, we delve into the topic of Sexual Harassment in the workplace. The latest news regarding legal liability regarding nurses on constant watches, free meal entitlements and work insurance that has been obtained for Emergency nurses.  Take a look at our 'From our Diary' section to know what the MUMN Council and activists have been up to. Read more.


Edition No. 86 - March 2020

We start off this edition with the President's message conveying the importance of 2020 - The Year of the Nurse and Midwife. MUMN brings you up to date with the ongoing COVID-19 saga. You will find several interesting reads including the importance of Blood Donation and how  to maintain good mental health.Read more.


Edition No. 87 - June 2020

In this edition we celebrate the launching of the 2020 Nursing Marketing Campaign. You will find articles related to the experiences of local healthcare professionals working though the COVID-19 pandemic as well as  the work and issues that MUMN encountered through the pandemic and much more. Read More


Edition No.88 - September 2020

In this edition we hear from our student nurses and midwives on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected them. During the last three months, MUMN has been working tirelessly to try and obtain the best work place situations considering the ongoing pandemic.One can find interesting reads on how this pandemic has affected other European Countries and well as articles related to the ethics behind vaccinations and much more. Read More


Edition No.89 - December 2020

For this last edition of 2020, il- Musbieh focuses on the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic had locally as well as around Europe. We remember those 1,500 frontliners who have worked through this pandemic but unfortunately lost their lives. 2020 has certainly been a remarkably busy year for MUMN. From the Council Historic Visit to the Vatican representing Malta’s Frontliners, endless discussions with top management regarding nursing shortages, welcoming Phlebotomist and Decontamination Surgical Technicians and Dental Surgery Assistants as new members and the latest Court Case with the Government, it has surely been a fruitful year. Below please find the link to access this publication. Read More



Edition No. 90 - March 2021

In this issue of Il-Musbieh we read about the constant struggle that our healthcare workers have encountered for the past year against the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing difficult working conditions, a country under partial lock down, MUMN has been 100 percent behind and at the forefront in supporting all healthcare professionals during this difficult time. The NHS features an article claiming the worry of burnt out staff members as an aftermath of this pandemic. Healthcare workers around the world are at their knees and the effects of this pandemic are truly worrisome. We also feature the road of Physiotherapists as MUMN members in this issue and the struggles they have faced since joining MUMN and also the harsh criticism shown by the MUMN Council towards the Mental Health Commissioner regarding the admissions of illegal immigrants at Mount Carmel Hospital. Read More


Edition No.91 - June 2021

In this issue of Il-Musbieh, the editorial reads about Euthanasia and Nursing in Malta. It points out that euthanasia is scarcely debated by our politicians in Malta, but quite recently a number of individuals have come in favour of this practice. Both MUMN officials indicate that the pressure and the stress brought about by Covid-19 is slowly disappearing. MUMN is now planning to inaugurate the new premises on its 25th Anniversary. The International Council of Nurses emphasized that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has become increasingly aware of the essential work that nurses do and the difference they make. The MUMN Physiotherapist Group Committee’s Chairperson highlights the work achieved and in unravelling the truth behind certain decisions taken. On the International Women’s Day, the European Federation of Nurses pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and women are disproportionately affected. They also emphasized that gender equality must improve at local and regional level as to have a representative democracy. Read More


Edition No.92 - September 2021

 In this special edition of the ‘Il-Musbieħ’ we are celebrating the silver jubilee of the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurse (MUMN), twenty-five years since it was founded in 1996. The editorial, the president’s message, and the general secretary’s messages are almost all dedicated to this special occasion. MUMN kept growing and today is the largest union representing workers within the health sector. This memorable day was celebrated with the inauguration of the new MUMN premises in Qormi and the unveiling of the MUMN monument in San Anton Palace.

A review about the nurses behind the famous COVID-19 picture which ended up as the face of €2 commemorative coin can also be found. Other interesting articles include the nursing historical aspects and ethical issues regarding patient safety.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors for their support in helping us publishing this edition of ‘Il-Musbieħ’ throughout the years. Should you wish further information regarding our sponsors, double click on the adverts found in ‘il-Musbieħ’ and you will be redirected to our sponsors’ websites. Read More


Edition No.93 - December 2021

 In this edition of  ‘Il-Musbieħ’, we find various interesting articles from different scenarios. The editorial, the president’s message, and the general secretary’s messages all focus on what is keeping the present young generation away from the Nursing Profession and what is the way forward to encourage them to join the Nursing Profession.Read more


Edition No.94 - March 2022

In this edition of ‘Il-Musbieħ’, we find various exciting articles from different scenarios. The front page is dedicated to the official meeting MUMN had both with the Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela and with the Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Dr. Bernard Grech. The Editorial is dedicated to Medical Marijuana and Nursing. Moreover, the President’s and General Secretary’s messages focus on the upcoming legislation and the challenges that MUMN will have to face. The General Secretary also gave an update regarding the recent and future activities organized by MUMN.Read more