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97.6% of the Nurses & Midwives say ‘No’ to the Government Financial Package

MUMN Council is organising a Press Conference tomorrow, Wednesday 19th April 2023 at MUMN Premises in Qormi at 09.30 hrs, to inform on the way forward after the Nurses & Midwives have rejected the Government’s proposals regarding the new sectoral agreement. During the Extraordinary General Conference, 97.6% of the Nurses & Midwives voted against while 1% voted in favour. 1.4% were invalid votes. Present were 804 Nurses & Midwives. This amount was the largest crowd ever attending for a General Conference since the union’s foundation in 1996.


MUMN Council will tomorrow, apart from the informing on the way forward, will also explain the reason why the Nurses & Midwives rejected the Government’s package while explaining certain events that occurred in the last few days but until now MUMN did not utter a word so not to influence tonight’s vote.