MP pays tribute to the Nursing Profession in the fight against COVID-19

Opposition MP Mario Galea paid tribute to two ITU nurses in full COVID-19 gear who recently featured in a photo published by the Times of Malta, which was subsequently chosen for a global campaign by the World Health Organisation.

“When you save a life you are called a hero but when you save a lot of lives you are a nurse,” Galea said in parliament during the adjournment speech on Monday.

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MUMN insists Malta ‘not prepared’ for Coronavirus outbreak

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses reiterated today that Malta is not prepared to face a possible outbreak of Coronavirus on the islands.

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COVID-19: Nurses slam government 'u-turn' on hazard money

The nurses’ union has given the Health Minister 48 hours to reconsider his "u-turn" over a "hazard allowance" that had been promised to nurses caring for coronavirus patients.


Celebrating International Nurses Day 2020 Press Release

“Hundreds of nurses from around the world have died because of contracting Covid -19 in the course of their duty. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) believes that the actual number of deaths among nurses may already be much higher than that current estimate.”