MUMN's reaction to Malta today's article “Union demands over 130 million in allowances, tax and Pension proposals”

It is clear that the confidentiality which the Government and the union were bound to upkeep during the negotiations period of any sectorial agreement is broken by the Government when the same Government issued details to the newspaper of MUMN proposals to Malta Today. Seeing that the Government has broken this confidentiality, then MUMN has no other alternative but to reply to the article issued by Malta Today, today Sunday 12th March with the title “Union demands over 130 million in allowances, tax and pension proposals”.

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Kommunikat ghall-Istampa u x-Xandir

MUMN isejjah Konferenza Stampa – it-Tnejn 27 ta’ Marzu fl-10am quddiem Kastilja



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Important developments in the New sectoral agreement

At this late hour, MUMN council would like to inform you that we have been approached by the Government informing us in writing that a new set of counter proposals have been conveyed to us and will be discussed in an early morning meeting tomorrow 9/3/2023


MUMN is cancelling Press Conference 9th March 2023

Press Communication

 Due to recent developments, MUMN is cancelling today's press conference. At a late hour, MUMN has just received new counter proposals, which still need to be evaluated.

 We will keep you informed with further updates. Sorry for any inconvenience.