Issue at Health Centres

Mr. Joseph Rapa

Permanent Secretary

Ministry for Health


Dear Mr. Rapa,


We would like to inform you that after consultation with all nurses working in all Health centres, MUMN is requesting the following conditions to safeguard their Health and Safety:-


1) During phlebotomy, all couches where phlebotomy occurs, Perspex has to be put in place as in MDH


2) All clinics where nurses are present, perspex has to be in place as in MDH. In cases when the doctor refuses the Perspex, nurses are not attending such a clinic


3) All wound dressings are to be done between 10.00 a.m and 1.00 p.m. and the nurses are to do their own screening.


4) Nebulizer treatment is to be done with N95 masks and Visor. If these PPEs are not provided, nurses are not to do any nebulization.


5) Doctors are never to use the treatment room for GP purposes. A memo is expected from GP management on this regard. If a doctor is to go against such direction, nurses are not to stay in the treatment room.


6) As regards assisting the doctor in the treatment room, such assistance is for only life-threatening situations. If the doctor is to do a screening for the patients concerned, then the nurse is to assist the doctor.


7) All orange patients waiting to see the doctor at the GP Clinic are not to be left in the waiting room with other green patients. Not to mention that the waiting rooms in all health centres are “corridors” which nurses have to pass through in their daily work. Therefore all orange cases are to be left waiting outside the Health Centre then seen by GP in the GP room as what has been the practice from the beginning of the covid pandemic. Allowing orange patients roaming around, placing all clients in orange, does not make sense from an infection control point of view.


Disposable curtains which all Health Centres have been requesting are to be supplied by next week. All wards and the E/A department have such disposable curtains and using the pretext of procurement is not acceptable to MUMN. Nurses in HCs are not second class nurses to MDH. 


MUMN is allowing till Tuesday 23rd  August 2021 to have all Perspex in place, having the necessary N95 masks and all disposable curtains. Failure to provide such Health and Safety devices,  MUMN will resort to directives. MUMN expects that the PHC Management has to act quickly to order such items needed in such times. As regards the perspex, MUMN is requesting that personnel are to be sent to every Health Centre to liaise with the nurse in charge so that all necessary Perspex are procured by Tuesday of next week.


Such issues need to be treated urgently as MUMN cannot allow the members will be vulnerable and exposed to such conditions.




MUMN Council.