MUMN alleges illegal immigrants are self-harming to be admitted to MCH

MUMN alleges illegal immigrants are self-harming to be admitted to MCH

Source: Newsbook, 29th January 2021

The Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) said that it cannot tolerate its members being in more danger in Mount Carmel Hospital because of the “abuse” they suffer at the hands of the illegal immigrants in the detention centres. It alleged migrants were self-harming in order to be taken to Mount Carmel Hospital, and thus, occupying much-needed beds. Later, the union announced that these migrants were being relocated after its complaint. The Commissioner for Mental Health reacted to this saying that it is “grossly unfair” to allege ulterior motives for admission, whilst the Malta Refugee Council called MUMN’s statement “insensitive” to the desperation and fear the migrants live in.

MUMN said in a statement that a number of illegal immigrants in detention centres are self-harming so that they will be transferred to Mount Carmel Hospital, which is of detriment to the patients and the workers in the admissions hall, according to the union.

For this reason, earlier today MUMN announced a number of directives for all the nurses working at Mount Carmel Hospital, instructing them to refuse to admit illegal migrants who are abusing of the system and occupying much-needed beds. According to MUMN, the large influx of migrants is resulting in a lot of pressure on patients and workers alike.

It also added that this “arrogance” and “abuse” of the system is stemming from the fact that because of the Covid-19 measures, the detention officials are stationed outside of the halls, and so, the migrants are not being monitored. Because of this, the union continued, the migrants are going wherever they please and harassing the patients and the workers.

MUMN cannot fathom how even though there are sections within the detention centres where problematic migrants are to be kept, these are still being transferred to Mount Carmel. It observed that these sections were paid for by the citizens’ taxes.

The union ended its statement saying that it cannot keep itself from taking action, and waiting for a tragedy to happen. It appealed to the Commissioner for Mental Health to evaluate the situation and report all of this to the Health Ministry and the Ministry for National Security so that they may work together to solve this problem.





MUMN Update


MUMN has been informed by the Mt. Carmel Management that most of the illegal immigrants are going to be deployed elsewhere and removed from the Mixed Admission ward.


There is clear evidence that the illegal migrants were using Mt. Carmel Hospital as a false pretext that once admitted to Mt. Carmel Hospital the illegal migrants can postpone (or avoid) repatriation or with the false pretext that once discharged from Mt. Carmel Hospital, such illegal migrants would  be placed in an open centre and not in detention.


MUMN has also been informed that the 250,000 euro centre built recently in the detention centre would be used in the future.


MUMN was proven right and MUMN would like to thank Mt. Carmel management for the immediate action taken to safe guard the interest of the other patients and nursing staff.