MUMN appeals H.E. President of Malta not to endorse the law on Cannabis until Safe Practice Measures for the Patients & Elderly Residents are in place.

MUMN noted that in the Law on Cannabis there is no provision for patient safety in a hospital and elderly residence. Any nurse, doctor, or even a carer under the influence of Cannabis may be a nursing patient. Such professionals may have impaired mental judgment and the management of any hospital would not be in a position to take the necessary action to stop such hospital employees since there is no provision within the law concerning a sensitive sector such as the Health Sector.


MUMN believes that whatever the rights of the individual to smoke cannabis are, even if at home, this should never be at the detriment of the vulnerable patients. Any hospital management should always have the right to take blood and urine levels to test for cannabis and drugs including alcohol. Disciplinary action should be taken when such substances are found at abnormal levels.


Patient safety should not be jeopardized by any legal gargle and the members of parliament must be made aware of the consequences. A simple small slip-up that can easily occur under the influence of cannabis could result in the administration of the wrong medication. Cannabis levels are not as straightforward as the alcohol blood levels of intoxication. Therefore, any hospital management should have the right to stop any hospital employee, especially those with direct patient contact, if any mental impairment is visible, irrespective of the law legalizing cannabis.


The law has to protect the patient at all times and having legislation on Cannabis with no special proviso for the hospitals and elderly residences would be a great disrespect. This would also result in great irresponsibility towards the patients who have trusted their lives in the hands of health professionals.


MUMN, through FOR.U.M will be also discussing this issue to request an urgent meeting at MCESD level on the Cannabis Legislation which legislation is being passed through parliament.


Therefore, MUMN is appealing to H.E. President of Malta, being a medical doctor by profession, not to sign the Bill. This Bill should not legalise Cannabis use unless there is a special proviso for hospitals and elderly residences. The President of Malta should safeguard the interest of the patients and elderly residents, from any healthcare workers who abuse from the use of cannabis. 


MUMN Council