MUMN requesting urgent meeting on the new abortion law.

MUMN has requested an urgent meeting with the Hon.Prime Minister and Hon deputy prime minister and Minister for Health regarding the termination of pregnancy in cases of "life threatening" situations.


The proposed drafted bill raises concerns with  nurses and midwives who are major stakeholders in providing care and these concerns need to be addressed before the bill becomes law.


Abortion is a highly ethical subject which concerns the morality of the person. The bill requires wording which truly safeguards the mother in life threatening situations but also the rights of the unborn child. Steam rolling by ignoring the stakeholders who have to assist in such procedures should not be used by any politician let along the office of the Prime Minister.


Such a bill should strive to bring unity between all stakeholders by allowing everyone  to contribute so consensus is achieved.    


MUMN would like to inform its members that a meeting with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Health Minister will take place in the coming days. MUMN would be forwarding its proposals to safeguard both the life of the mother and the unborn child. MUMN would be bringing  forward both ethical and moral difficulties encountered by its members being midwives or nurses as a result of the abortion law amendments.


Paul Pace



Colin Galea 

General Secretary