MUMN welcomes the vision for the Health Sector and supports the Health Minister


MUMN has been stressing the importance of having new wards in MDH since it is not acceptable to have patients and nurses placed in corridors or in other hospital areas which were never designated as clinical wards.


Various press releases were issued by MUMN from the beginning of MDH conception that capital projects are further needed to elevate the suffering,  the lack of human dignity and the degradation one feels when placed in the undesirable areas which must be opened due to lack of space in MDH.


It was a great relief for MUMN to hear that the new Health Minister plans are to open new wards in MDH and utilise Karen Grech Rehabilitation Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital. Such capital projects can be launched with the private sector like the new Elderly Hospital which was built in SVP which was a success story. 


As for the Mental Health Services,  the renovation of Mt. Carmel Hospital should be a top priority since Mt. Carmel Hospital when renovated would offer better services than building a mental hospital next to MDH.


MUMN is eager to work in collaboration with the Health Minister to address issues of Nurses' shortages and lack of other health professionals such as Social Workers etc., to launch a holistic programme in favour of the patients and the health care professionals.



MUMN Council