MUMN will not be bullied nor muzzled by the Health Division even when law courts are used.

It is evident that under the Government of Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Abela, law Courts are being continuously used against MUMN so that professional Health Care workers are deprived of improved collective agreements. None of the previous Prime Ministers nor Health Ministers used law courts against the rights of the Health Professionals. This shows the arrogance and lack of respect which this government has towards Health Professionals.  

For nine months MUMN has tried to reach an agreement with the Health Division on various sectorial agreements but all MUMN’s efforts were met with arrogance and stubbornness from the Government’s side. The whole scope from the Health Division is evident, all sectorial agreements meetings end up in disagreement, leaving no options but to start directives. When these are in place, the Health Division will then resort to law courts to halt any industrial actions and neutralize all union efforts.

In the law courts the lack of commitment and arrogance from the Health Division is never taken into consideration but just the industrial actions which are totally discriminatory towards Health Care professionals. MUMN will not be muzzled by such dirty tactics leaving Health Professionals without any decent sectorial agreement and will continue to fight against such arrogance. 


For this reason, today the 13th of October, MUMN reissued several directives to the Decontamination Sterile Technicians ( DSTS), The Dental Surgery Assistants ( DSAs), and the phlebotomists after the decree has been issued. MUMN would like to apologize to the public for such directives but it has been left with no choice since the Health Division has no interest to reach decent sectorial agreements since it has no respect towards these Health Professionals.


Other MUMN’s  directives in MDH and ST, Vincent DePaul Residence ( SVP):


  1. Currently, there is an ongoing directive to all nurses working in MDH not to use the Robotic system for the administration of drugs which cost the taxpayer 25 million euros. The Health Division is still in denial that such a Robotic system is a complete failure even after two years tried as a pilot project. All Robotic Computers called Mario and Sophia are not being used by the nurses in MDH for the last two months and all treatment is been given manually and not through a failed system.


  1. MUMN stopped St. Vincent De Paul Residence (SVP) from accepting admissions and ordered a complete lockdown in SVP. This is due that the Health Division would not reach an agreement with the Elderly Division on the number of new graduates of nurses needed to be deployed in the  Elderly Sector. This year the Health Ministry decided that all newly graduated nurses are to be kept within the Health Sector, totally depriving SVP of full-time nurses. Such a decision from the Health Ministry resulted not just in discrimination against SVP but also for the nurses working in SVP. This is due because nurses in SVP are not being allowed to be transferred from SVP to MDH as other nurses working in the Health Division. It is clear that nurses are caught in the middle of a conflict between two Ministries, that of the Health and the elderly which is not acceptable.

While MUMN will respect all decisions taken by the law courts, but law courts will never stop MUMN from achieving the rights and the respect which all Health Professionals deserve.

Shame on the Arrogance shown by the Health Ministry and government which has never been seen before by any previous governments or Health Ministers.



MUMN Council