Updating to all DSAs, Phlebotomists and DSTs regarding their respective sectorial agreements

A meeting was held today on both sectorial agreements.


DSAs: An agreement has been reached and therefore what is next, would be the actual signing of the agreement which will be back dated from 1st January 2021. All directives related the sectorial agreement are being terminated. Will keep you all posted.


Phlebotomists and DSTs: Minor adjustments to the sectorial agreement are still being requested by MUMN. The Health Division has given its word that by mid next week a reply will be forwarded to MUMN. Therefore, MUMN is just suspending the directives pending to the reply from the health Division TILL the 27th October 2021.


MUMN would like to thank all MUMN members for their support and faith in what was a hard and arduous journey. For the DSTs and the phlebotomists, the journey is not complete but will keep you posted when any developments take place.







MUMN Council