MUMN Membership Benefits

When joining MUMN, our members will be able to enjoy several benefits that are exclusive to our members. The MUMN Council constantly works towards finding beneficial ways how to help our members in a holistic manner may it be financially, emotionally or academically. When joining MUMN, members can enjoy several benefits from local companies. We have got you covered from special bank schemes for healthcare professionals to gym memberships and much more. MUMN emphasizes on the importance of Continuous Professional Development. Monthly seminars, conferences, and workshops are organized by the Learning Institute for healthcare Professionals within MUMN. Our latest initiative is that all members are able to have free lawyer advice for any work-related issue that they may encounter.

Benefits include:

Pamper the Heroes:

Free Hair treatment or Facial for Healthcare front liners during September 2020




Bank of Valletta is MUMN’s main sponsor in all Educational Activities organized by the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals within the MUMN. BOV also offer customized packages including Home Loans, Free Credit Cards including Visa Classic or MasterCard, Visa Fly pass Business Card, Visa Gold Card, as well as stockbroking Services and travel insurance. Please find latest MUMN's customized package here.




MUMN has reached an agreement with GO, please find Tariff Plan here. In you email give your personal data, including your mobile number and if you are already a GO customer. If you have a service from another provider do not terminate your service otherwise you will lose the number. If you have another contract with GO, the tariffs may be migrated, however if you are tied to an agreement and the penalty is hefty, all options can be discussed



MUMN has an agreement with the Notebook Centre whereby when you purchase a laptop or computer from their outlet you will get for free a free Billow 3G Tablet. Every member needs to present their MUMN membership card upon the purchase of a laptop or computer. It is important to note that the CPD process is not affected in any way This means that the receipt of the purchase can be still submitted to the CPD office for refund.



Several discounted MELITA bundle offers are given to MUMN members. As of June 2020 Melita has offered new offers for all MUMN members. Have a look at the package deal offered here.  To benefit from these bundles you have to present a valid MUMN membership card. For further information you may contact your Melita-MUMN representative: Mr. Maurizio Muscat on or Ms. Christine Agius on



MUMN has reached an agreement for its members with Body Medics Fitness Club in Zejtun. MUMN members can now benefit from a 10 percent discount when applying for their gym membership. Body Medics is open 24/7 and the gym membership can be claimed through CPD. For further information please contact the gym directly on 21636966 or 79315287, or via website on or find them on Facebook.




MUMN members from Gozo can now benefit from a 10 percent discount from an agreement reached with Kinetika Gozo Gym. The purpose and reason for MUMN to reach an agreement with this Gym is that we would like to offer the same opportunity to our members working in Gozo as we already did in Malta. The owners of Kinetika Gym really appreciate the work performed by the Health Care Professionals and so you will be most welcome and will surely make you feel like home. If you need to ask or seek further clarification, please contact the Gym directly on 27888876.


Legal Services

MUMN offers a free service of our lawyer Dr. Chris Cilia for all our members. If any member needs any legal assistance for any work-related issue. Members may contact our office on 21448542 and book an appointment with our Union lawyer. Lawyer Services are available on Fridays at his office in Attard.