Important information to all MUMN Members.

  1. MUMN, through FOR.U.M with other unions, has sent out a Budget proposal, that the COLA, which this year could be around €13, would also be given fully to the Civil Servants including Nurses, Midwives and other Health Care Professionals, members of MUMN. This proposal would lead to an increase to the Public Service Collective Agreement which did not envisage such an increase in the COLA.
  1. The Nursing and Midwifery Sectorial Agreement has no bearing on the Civil Service Collective Agreement which agreement will expire in December 2024. In fact, mid next year in 2024, MUMN will be negotiating another Collective Agreement with other unions concerning the whole civil service, including MUMN members.
  2. The New Civil Service Agreement will come into force on the 1st  January 2025 and is important since it will increase the basic salary of all the Government salary scales, thus will have  a postive ripple effect on Sunday Allowances, on Overtime and on Feasts Allowances.
  3. MUMN, during this Collective Agreement, will seek to increase the shift allowances which is just €25 per 4 weeks.

Further updates will follow.