MUMN appeals to introduce effective COVID measures since MDH is in crisis

The current measures of wearing face masks in the streets are just a political measure with no scientific significance as to reduce the ever-increasing numbers of Covid. This is proven by the fact that such a measure made no impact in reducing the ever-increasing of Covid cases.


The situation in Malta is going from bad to worse. Having the Superintendent of Public Health consoling the public the numbers of Covid are to increase further, without introducing effective measures shows clearly that Profs. Gauci abdicated from her duties to safeguard the public.


The situation in MDH is very serious indeed. The Covid situation is not only the problem MDH is  facing. Influenza and other medical conditions are leaving their toll. MDH has reached its full capacity. Not only are all beds in MDH filled but the time has come to consider stopping all non-urgent (elective) surgery which is the high price all Maltese have to pay for allowing bars and other entertainment establishments to remain open. By stopping all non-urgent surgery, beds will be more available for the huge intake of medical cases.


The respect to the nurses and to other Health Professionals who are striving to cope with the huge influx of patients is non-existent by the Government. Allowing the country to run with no effective Covid measures demonstrates that the Government is more inclined to appease the entertainment industry than the Health professionals such as the nurses who are working under huge pressures.


Nurses and other Health professionals are paying a high price for allowing the huge numbers of Covid to raise since no effective measures were introduced in this country in these last few weeks. Allowing tourists from high risks countries such as Britain to come to Malta shows clearly that the Government is totally in denial of the consequences which the Maltese are about to face.


The numerous nurses on sick leave or on quarantine compounded by the shortage of nurses which the Health Division failed to address, not to mention that there are no available beds in MDH are just a few grave issues taking place right now in MDH. Nurses are utterly tired, exhausted, and burnout.


The Government failed drastically to prevent that MDH from becoming overwhelmed with patients by allowing bars to remain open and no restrains such as curfews were made as other EU countries. This cannot be allowed to continue since MDH is at a breaking point.


MUMN is appealing to the General Public to refrain from any bars and discos and to take all necessary precautions for their own safety. Also, MUMN is appealing to MDH management to stop all elective surgery since the nurses cannot keep up with the heavy workload in MDH.


The public has to understand that the numbers will never go down “on their own” or with the current measures and MUMN is appealing the Government to urgently introduce more drastic measures in the interest of the health of the population.




MUMN Council