PRESS RELEASE International World Physiotherapy Day - 8th September 2020



International World Physiotherapy Day - 8th September 2020

MUMN would like to inform that 8th September is World Physiotherapy Day. The World’s Confederation of Physiotherapists decided to focus on the role of physiotherapists in rehabilitation after COVID-19 for this year’s theme. 

The role of Physiotherapists in the treatment and management of people affected by COVID-19 is crucial, exercise can play an important part in a person’s recovery after COVID-19.

  • As the experts in movement, Physiotherapists can guide people in how exercise can help recovery
  • People who have had severe cases of COVID-19 will need rehabilitation and physiotherapy to recover

from the effects of treatment for the disease

  • Using telehealth can enable people to access the help and support from a Physiotherapist to help them manage the impact of COVID-19
  • Telehealth can be as effective as conventional healthcare methods to improve physical function.

World Physiotherapy president Emma Stokes said: “COVID-19 has impacted many people’s lives.

Physiotherapists have played a key role during the acute response phase of the pandemic, and this will

continue in many parts of the world. As the experts in functional movement, Physiotherapists can help people recover from COVID-19.

“A Physiotherapist can help people understand the long-term impact of COVID-19 and work with them to support their recovery.”


MUMN as a union which also represents Physiotherapists, is currently working whole heartedly so that Physiotherapists will have the right of representation and freedom of association, and become independent from the allied health group within the public service.  MUMN always believed that the needs of different health professions need to be addressed and tailor made to their specific profession. MUMN has since 2016 worked to improve the working conditions and working environment of physiotherapists and now is requesting for the full right of representation of the whole class of Physiotherapists within the public service , so that such a group can continue develop independently from the rest of the allied health professions. 

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year. Physiotherapists have been vital in the acute care of COVID-19 patients but as well kept up the challenges of continuing providing all the rest of the necessary services across all entities in a safe and efficient manner.

MUMN augurs a happy World Physiotherapy Day to all Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Students and thanks them for all the hard work, dedication and perseverance throughout the whole year.



Paul Pace

MUMN President

8th September 2020