Temporal suspension of Directives In Primary Health Care



Primary Health Care (PHC) has finally acknowledged that triage should be done once again by doctors and not by Health Carers as was originally planned.


MUMN has two emails that state that PHC will set up a Multidisciplinary Team consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a security guard and a clerk who will together all be assigned duties to carry out triage in all Health Centres.


While the other email states that the nursing management on PHC will immediately issue an Expression of Interest (EOI) within the PHC to deploy nurses in their off-hours for triage purposes. The compliment of the nurses in all Health Centres is not to be affected and nurses on an overtime basis only are to be assigned for triage.


With such an agreement in hand, MUMN is temporally suspending the directives to allow PHC to adhere to the agreement in the coming days. If PHC does not adhere to the agreement in the coming days, MUMN will take action it deems fit without any further notice than this email.



MUMN would like to thank all its members for a three-week saga caused by lack of management in Primary Health Care which could have been easily avoided if Primary Healthcare would have consulted with all stake holders including Public Health BEFORE dismantling the triage with a hybrid system at the detriment of all Health Professionals and the general public making use of the Health Centres.


MUMN Council