Crisis in Nursing Hitting Hard also in Karen Grech Hospital.

The crisis of shortage of Nurses in our country has no limits and no boundaries. In these past two weeks, 14 nurses resigned from Karen Grech Hospital resulting now that this hospital has a nursing shortage of 50 nurses.

If MUMN had permitted the Health Division to issue the call to poach nurses from the Private Sector into the Public Sector, the situation would have been catastrophic. Read more



MUMN appeals H.E. President of Malta not to endorse the law on Cannabis until Safe Practice Measures for the Patients & Elderly Residents are in place.

MUMN noted that in the Law on Cannabis there is no provision for patient safety in a hospital and elderly residence. Any nurse, doctor, or even a carer under the influence of Cannabis may be nursing patient. Such professionals may have impaired mental judgment and the management of any hospital would not be in a position to take the necessary action to stop such hospital employees since there is no provision within the law concerning a sensitive sector such as the Health Sector.

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MUMN Requests the Resignation of the Ministry of Health's Permanent Secretary.

For twelve whole months MUMN has been trying to reach an agreement on the sectorial agreement of the Phlebotomists and Decontamination Sterilization Technicians.


Mental Health Services sink even further in standards

With all the boasting of the Health Ministry, the situation is going from bad to worst.


Just a quick look at this year’s budgets, the so-called projects for the Mental Health Services being mentioned this year are the same projects that have been mentioned in the last four budgets.

Not to mention that the Health Ministry is taking the people for a ride by proposing for the second consecutive year the search for a hotel to be converted to an Acute Mental Hospital. None of the Mental Health experts endorsed such an idea.


In the meantime, it is not just the patients and the services which are being treated as Third Division but also the nurses.


The nurses in Mt. Carmel Hospital (MCH) are the only nurses left without a new supply nursing uniform. They have to use old and torn uniforms which have been used for the last four years since no new uniforms were provided. While nurses in MDH, Primary Health care and SVP were given a new set of uniforms in January 2021, the uniforms of MCH have never materialized.


Another discrimination on the nurses in MCH is the transportation system. This year MDH was supplied with a huge fleet of electric cars for their outreach and emergency services. The Nurses in MCH who work in the outreach and community services and have a much broader service are constrained to use their own vehicles to do the home visits. The Procurement section had the instructions to provide vehicles only to MDH nurses, knowing well that the nurses in Mt. Carmel Community Services are providing a much larger community service.


Therefore, MUMN cannot allow this continuous discrimination on the nurses of MCH. This shows that not just the service is classified as “Third Division” but also the nurses who have to work with no uniforms and no vehicles. MUMN is constrained to issue a directive with immediate effect, that all community and outreach services provided by the nurses in the Mental Health Settings are to stop using their personal vehicles and stop all home visits. When the Health Ministry one day decides to supply the necessary uniforms for the nurses working in MCH and provides a fleet of vehicles similar to MDH, such home visits will resume.


MUMN is requesting the help of all the media houses since the directives would still not have the necessary impact on the Health Ministry to address the main issues in Mt. Carmel Hospital who is just focused on the coming elections.


Paul Pace