L-MUMN tifrah lill-Onor. Deputat Prim Ministru u Ministru tas-Sahha.

Il-Kunsill ta' l-MUMN jixtieq jifrah lid-Deputat Prim Ministru u Ministru tas-Sahha l-Onor. Chris Fearne ghall-hatra tieghu ta' President ta' l-Assemblea Dinjija tas-Sahha organizzata mill-Ghaqda Dinjija tas-Sahha.

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97.6% of the Nurses & Midwives say ‘No’ to the Government Financial Package

MUMN Council is organising a Press Conference tomorrow, Wednesday 19th April 2023 at MUMN Premises in Qormi at 09.30 hrs, to inform on the way forward after the Nurses & Midwives have rejected the Government’s proposals regarding the new sectoral agreement. During the Extraordinary General Conference, 97.6% of the Nurses & Midwives voted against while 1% voted in favour. 1.4% were invalid votes. Present were 804 Nurses & Midwives. This amount was the largest crowd ever attending for a General Conference since the union’s foundation in 1996.


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Extraordinary General Conference Hotel Phoenicia Floriana -Tuesday 18 April 2023 at 7.30pm

We would like to clarify the purpose of next Tuesday's meeting as many of you have requested more details.

As you are aware, the Government is stating “that the financial package presented is the best one ever presented to Nurses & Midwives”. But is it enough for today's realities? This concept needs to be decided next Tuesday. MUMN Council will be giving you the actual handout of Government's latest package and all the details from MUMN’s package. 


Government persists with “Not Enough Money” for Nurses & Midwives

Millions of euros spent on Consultancies & Steward Health Care

MUMN to increase directives in Health Centres and in Gozo General Hospital but not in MDH

Ten days have passed from when MUMN had declared an industrial dispute on the nurses'/midwives' sectoral agreement. The Ministry for Health has made no extra effort to address the dispute and has not sent any counter proposals to address the industrial actions. It is clear that for the Ministry for Health, the patients, nurses and midwives are not a priority and is not prepared to address the humiliating counter proposals sent ten days ago to our members.