L-MUMN tikkundana l-mod kif il-Gvern Malti qed johnoq lill-certu unions.

Il-Kunsill tal-Malta Union of Midwives & Nurses jikkundanna lill-Gvern Malti ghall-hrug ta’ Mandat ta’ Inibizzjoni fli-Qorti sabiex iwaqqaf Direttivi Industrijali legittimi u legali li qed isiru fl-Isptar Mater Dei dwar tilwima industrijali fuq il-Ftehim Settorali tal-Phlebotomists, Decontamination Sterile Technicians u Dental Surgery Assistants.


MUMN appeals for the intervention of the Prime Minister to stop human suffering


MUMN is protesting on the approach being used by Dr. Charmaine Gauci that persons who live in Malta are being forced to quarantine in a hotel. 


Such a measure is clearly evident that this is not a covid measure but a punishment for going abroad to a red zone country. Covid measures of this type are not acceptable since there are constraints in one's life that travel is not always for pleasure. Not to mention that even persons with special needs were not exempt from such punishment which shows how insensitive the authorities have become. 



The Total Failure of a €25 million worth of Equipment for Administration of Treatment at MDH

With all the boasting and political hype of the two huge robotic computers systems (named Mario and Sophia) for the administration of medicines in MDH, bought in December 2017 for the administration of treatment, MUMN is declaring that such equipment is a complete failure and a complete waste of money.


Issue at Health Centres

Dear Mr. Rapa,


We would like to inform you that after consultation with all nurses working in all Health centres, MUMN is requesting the following conditions to safeguard their Health and Safety:-