MUMN Declares Victory

The Court has limited the industrial action by the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses, ordering to withdraw directives which were deemed detrimental to the patient’s wellbeing. On Friday, the court ruled that the industrial action ordered by the union can go ahead except for directives which could place patients’ health at risk. Mr Justice Robert Mangion presiding over the First Hall of the Civil Court also disallowed any action that was to be taken by nurses working at St Vincent De Paul and Karin Grech Rehabilitation Hospital.

Directive to all nurses working In ALL SAMOC regarding 2nd VL/Replacement


The Nursing Management of SAMOC is not following the agreement of MUMN with MDH management regarding the 2nd VL/Replacement. SAMOC Nursing Management under Mr Hili is cancelling the replacement (overtime) of the second vacation leave sought by the nurses, leaving the ward stranded and below the agreed nursing compliment with MUMN. What is aggravated since no replacement from the office is send EVEN though the overtime has been cancelled.



Notice to all Nurses working in The A&E Department.

A meeting was held with MDH management regarding the health and safety of the nurses working in the A&E department.

Contrary to the understanding that G4S are not to handle violent patients, MDH management assured MUMN that it is the duty of all G4S personnel to handle aggressive and non-cooperative patients. In this regard, all G4S had signed an SOP regarding the handling of such patients. Any G4S who do not abide by the policy will be removed from the A&E department.